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Revised: November 26, 2019

Rolls S6-460AGM-RE is one of our most popular sealed VRLA AGM models and is widely used in Renewable Energy and Motive Power applications around the world.

This particular battery is manufactured under contract by a trusted supplier, along with other sealed Rolls Battery models.  Our S6-460AGM-RE model had traditionally featured dual connections; auto post & standard F8 female terminals, packaged with M8x16mm bolts to allow for a variety of configured connections.  Stainless steel bolts and washers are included with each battery.

Recent shipments of S6-460AGM-RE batteries have been packaged with M8 x 12mm bolts which some customers have advised are shorter than they’ve traditionally used. The shorter bolt length may limit the number of connections to the terminal.  Standard M8 stainless steel bolts are fully compatible and may be used with the F8 connection, allowing the use of longer M8 x 16mm stainless steel bolts in situations where it’s appropriate.

We are actively working with our supplier to transition supplied S6-460AGM-RE batteries with F10 terminals, packaged with M10 x 16mm bolts, consistent with our S2-1275AGM-RE model.  S6-460AGM-RE will continue to offer auto post connections also.  Current stock will include the F8 connection and M8x12mm hardware until further notice.  Upon completion of the terminal & hardware update, product specifications will be revised in related Rolls Battery product literature and website.

Note: Rolls S2-1275AGM-RE model is currently supplied with F10 terminals and M10 x 16mm hardware and will remain unchanged.