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Revised: May 15, 2020

In May 2019, we introduced our proprietary Advanced NAM carbon additive blend to the full range of heavy-duty Series 5000 products, as well as the Series 4500 2-volt and 6-volt L16 models.

Cycle life of deep cycle lead-acid batteries is affected by a variety of conditions including depth of discharge and proper charging. Renewable Energy installations, such as off-grid solar, often result in limited charge current and time which results in deficit cycling and reduces battery performance. With an increase in charge acceptance, Rolls models with Advanced NAM will reach full state-of-charge more efficiently and frequently, maintaining charge balance across the battery bank and reducing sulfation buildup and capacity loss in situations where charge times may be limited.

The addition of Advanced NAM carbon additive in Rolls premium heavy-duty negative plate structure increases overall charge acceptance, offering improvements of 10-15% in charge efficiency, requiring shorter charge times and improved performance in conditions of partial state of charge (PSOC) common experienced in off-grid solar applications.

• Up to 15% Quicker & More Efficient Charging
• Enhanced PSOC Performance
• Higher Capacity (~5% additional usable capacity)
• Improved Cycle Life

Now, due to the proven performance enhancements and overwhelming success of this initial launch, we’re pleased to announce that, effective July 1st, 2020, Rolls Series 4000, 4500 & 5000 flooded models will include Advanced NAM carbon additive.* Look for the Advanced NAM logo on specifications and product labels.

*S12 24, S12 27, S12 31, 12 FS 24, 12 FS 27, 12 FS 31 models are excluded.